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A besieged city rising from the inland sea of Taijiang .

Over time, it has become a historical wilderness.

A city based on Taijiang Inner Sea Accumulates over time into a historical wilderness..

About Us

Every experience of going out also involves returning home.

A real home, a temporary place to stay, a breathing space,
Every place you stop is not the end, but a node.

More adventurous possibilities are about to open up.

Roaders Hotel Tainan Chengda provides a comfortable and relaxing space and a relaxing atmosphere, making it your partner in exploring Tainan.

I look forward to recording every detail of our trip with you.
We hope that every time you visit us, you will see a different Tainan and yourself.


Travel Facilities

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Green Life 美好綠生活

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Travel Location

Travel Location

No. 318, Qianfeng Road, North District, Tainan City

Traffic Information

Take National Highway 1 to Tainan → Exit at Dawan Interchange → Turn to Fuxing Road → Continue straight on Xiaodong Road → Turn right at Dongfeng Road → Turn right at Qianfeng Road → The destination is on the right hand side

Parking Information:

◪Off-street parking lot at Lane 73, Kaiyuan Road (charged by the hour, 20 yuan/hour for small cars)

◪Good Shepherd Parking Lot (charged by the hour, 50 yuan/hour for small cars)

High Speed Rail:

◪Take the Shalun Line train from Tainan High Speed Rail Station, then take a taxi for 3 minutes at the Tainan Station, or walk for 13 minutes

◪Take a taxi from Tainan High Speed Rail Station and arrive in about 30 minutes

Taiwan Railways:
Tainan Main Station Back Station, about 3 minutes by taxi or 13 minutes on foot

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